Enable YouTube Dark Mode

YouTube Dark Mode has been a feature of YouTube Gaming for a while and for those of us who knew how to hack the You Tube Gaming’s awesome Dark Mode, we had to replace www.youtube.com/rest-of-URL with gaming.youtube.com/rest-of-URL to get that super slick YouTube Dark Mode that is actually quite nice on the eyeballs. Now anyone can turn on the slick YouTube Dark Mode feature by enabling the new set of YouTube’s UI features. Here’s how we do that but before we begin please note this change is BROWSER based and does not affect your YouTube Account… so you will need to do this for EVERY BROWSER on which you wish to use the new YouTube Dark Mode.

Step 1:
YouTube just released a new set of UI features that you can activate by signing into your YouTube account and then going here: youtube.com/new and selecting the button that says “Try it now”.

Step 2:
Then after you restart your browser you will notice in the Account Drop Down, there is a “Dark Mode” option.

This is the new Account Dropdown menu you will get after enabling the new features.

Step 3:
Then your YouTube will go from the usual white background UI:

This is the regular YouTube UI

to this:

This is the YouTube DarkMode

and that is how you enable the new YouTube UI features.

Hope this helps anyone figure this out – it took me some hunting and it’s awesome to not have to replace the “www.” with “gaming.” anymore.


Use Tab Key in Dialog Boxes in OSX like Windows!

Hey now!
One of the biggest “small-issues” I have with OS X is how the TAB key does not navigate through the dialog box’s response the way users can “tab through” the dialog choices in Windows and Linux.

I stumbled on Wes Bos’ old blog entry that explained how to get this feature working in OS X and I was shocked to see that OS X has this ready to go and all a user has to do is simply activate it!

All a user has to do is:
1. Click System Preferences
2. Click Keyboards
3. Click the Shortcuts Tab
4. Click the Radio Button at the bottom that says: “Full Keyboard Access: In windows and dialog, press Tab to move focus between:” and change the selection from “Text boxes and lists only” to “All Controls”

This picture shows how System Preferences, Keyboards should now look:

This shows how the Keyboards setting should appear so that the Tab Key will move through choices in OS X dialog boxes