Use Tab Key in Dialog Boxes in OSX like Windows!

Hey now!
One of the biggest “small-issues” I have with OS X is how the TAB key does not navigate through the dialog box’s response the way users can “tab through” the dialog choices in Windows and Linux.

I stumbled on Wes Bos’ old blog entry that explained how to get this feature working in OS X and I was shocked to see that OS X has this ready to go and all a user has to do is simply activate it!

All a user has to do is:
1. Click System Preferences
2. Click Keyboards
3. Click the Shortcuts Tab
4. Click the Radio Button at the bottom that says: “Full Keyboard Access: In windows and dialog, press Tab to move focus between:” and change the selection from “Text boxes and lists only” to “All Controls”

This picture shows how System Preferences, Keyboards should now look:

This shows how the Keyboards setting should appear so that the Tab Key will move through choices in OS X dialog boxes