CSS Prefixes are easy with Autoprefixer

Hello Hello and welcome to this tutorial about Autoprefixer, the PostCSS plug in that will make your CSS Prefix compatibility a breeze! Before diving into this quick tutorial about Autoprefixer, you should have a basic working knowledge of CSS and know what a CSS Prefix is but if you don’t, continue reading because we are going to define that quick for you.

Also, if you are new to terminal, do not type or copy the $ below… that’s just a placeholder for the terminal prompt.

so if I type run $ git init you just type “git init”

Ok, let’s do it.

Part 1 – CSS Prefixes and Autoprefixer

A lot of the posts you will see here are going to be things that attempt to spare you some coding time and hopefully open you up to different ways of attacking your project because as overwhelming as it can be, there are more often than not many ways to accomplish the end result you want.

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Install Homebrew without XCODE

I was helping someone set up FFmpeg and they have never opened terminal before so I was sure they needed Homebrew installed. I grabbed them the link available at brew.sh and they were prompted to download Xcode from the App Store and that’s just too much space to waste on an IDE we aren’t going to use (sorry, Apple). I found a great two step process over at ryanwinchester.ca

Two easy steps:

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